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Chyanne Legnancy  
Samantha Chyanne Scott was my granddaughter who was born normally no complications and at seven months was diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 Severe Type 1. This news both devasted her parents Eric and Kacy Scott and all of our family.  We were told that she would have a short life but we felt that God would see us through this and if it was his will she would be a miracle and we would have her longer. God did grant us two more years with her and we will always give him the praise. With this generic disorder Chyanne had limited use of her arms and it affected the spinal cord so she had a hard time holding her head up and could not sit alone and never walked. She gave her family so much joy and even with what faced her she never complained at all.  She was my inspiration.  I felt that if she could go through life and not complain my aches and pains were nothing compaired to her's.  Each year that God gave us was so wonderful.  She was so smart she talked early and even could count to 50 before 2 years old and could say her ABC's and knew so many children's songs that she could sing.
Just before her third birthday she was diagnosed with Neuro-Blastoma a deadly cancer and from that she went down and we would make weekly visits to the hospital and she would have to have blood that sustained her and on February 4th 2003 she departed this life on earth and got a heavly healing and joined other angels and our heavenly father in heaven. This child affected so many lives and gave all of us a reason to live. She only wanted to get cards and stickers from people so we put got this on radio and television just before Christmas of 2002. She got around 10,000 cards and gifts that made her last Christmas so very special and we are so thankful to people all over the world via the internet that responded. She never asked for much and this was a gift that made her even more special.  Since she received toys also these were donated in her memory to other children who would not get anything for Christmas. We have heard from so many people that became acquainted with her and she changed their lives so much. Thank you God for the blessing of her life and the legacy of her death. To ELKS LODGE #192 we say a special thank you for your support of our family. 
Grannie Martha Scott
Chyanne's grandmother  
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